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Fringe Events at Scotland's Towns Annual Conference

Three Fringe Events will run from 13:00 – 13:45.


First come first served. Please attend another Fringe Event, if your first choice is full. More info & room details below.




Norie-Miller Studio 1, Ground Floor

The Big Lottery Fund invests over one million pounds a week in supporting communities and individuals most in need all across Scotland.

We’ve funded a range of projects and activities run by the public and third sectors designed to improve our town centres, from public art projects to refurbishing town halls, from supporting Gala Days and local festivals to building community gardens, and from supporting consultation on which to build local projects to investing in hyperlocal media.

Come along to our presentation to hear how we could fund the development and delivery of projects like yours.




Renaissance Towns


Tilt 2nd Floor

Employment Enterprise



Employment Enterprise is an Employer Engagement & Job Brokerage Organisation dedicated to the eradication of poverty and the provision of opportunity for all of Scotland’s citizens.

EEC were founded in 2003 and we have delivered ERDF and ESF funded projects across the central belt of Scotland, generating in excess of 3,500 job outcomes in the past 3 years alone.

EEC delivers Employment and Community Engagement Programmes on behalf of various Local Authorities, all with the sole aim of increasing employment opportunities for local people.


Fringe Event Format

Hosted by Employment Enterprise Director, Jay Smith, this Fringe event will take the form of a discussion and Q&A.

Should imaginative regeneration policies to secure major employment opportunities in Scotland’s Town Centre be developed or should we look to employment initiatives in retail parks, out of town sites and rural locations?

We will discuss the positive impact of employing locally sourced and trained residents in helping to improve Town Centres and Urban areas.

We will also discuss the availability of Employer incentives to assist in the recruitment of local people and the engagement by local SME’s with Local Authority Initiatives.

We wish to discover how Urban & Town Centre Regeneration can play a part in helping thousands of unemployed Scots back into work, not just in their planning and construction but through the impact of their development and sustainability.

Panel guests will include;

Anne Shiels – Routes to Inclusion Manager, South Lanarkshire Council
Niki Spence – Project Manager, Clyde Gateway URC
Ruth Cooper – Economic Development Manager, Renfrewshire Council (proposed) Tony Stapleton – Chief Executive Employment Enterprise





Norie-Miller Studio 2, Ground Floor



Retail Change in Scotland’s Town Centres

We are all aware that there are major issues in town centres across the UK, and that retailing is a key component of this. Scotland is no different in feeling the effects of retail and consumer behaviour structural change and the current recession. But do we know what exactly is going on? Are we really sure of the dimensions of change whether at the local level or at the national level? How does retail change in Scotland’s town centres compare with retail change elsewhere in the UK? And how are these changes being felt over time?

We need data on retail change in town centres and we need regular reporting of activity. We need town centres and those interested in them, to recognise this need and act on it. It is vital that this is done on a comparable and consistent basis. The Scottish Government, Local Authorities, Town Centre Managers and BIDs Managers, and even academics need to be able to understand what is going on, seek explanations for differing performance and account for the effects of interventions.

We aim to discuss these issues using Local Data Company data on Scotland’s Town Centres. Prepare to be provoked, questioned and perhaps surprised at what the data from across Scotland shows.