March 12, 2018 at 6pm - 9pm

Everyone loves shopping online; in fact it is the era of E-Commerce going on. With the added advantages of putting your business online, most of the businesses have already shifted online while others are on the verge of shifting. Surveys have proven that most of the population around the world goes for online shopping over shopping from local market. With such cut-throat online competition, it becomes really necessary for you to offer better user experience to your potential customers. So here we are going to have a look at the best ways to enhance the user experience of your E-Commerce website.

1. Faster Loading Website

No one likes to wait in today's time and when it comes to shopping online it is mandatory for any website to load as fast as possible, if you wish to avoid site abandonment. So if you wish to enhance the user experience, make sure that your business website loads within a time span of 5 seconds. Surveys have proven that websites with lesser loading time have shown better growth & sales than websites that load slower.

2. Navigation & Search Functionality

It is a well known fact that everyone loves a website where you can easily figure out the navigation to pages. Developing a website where a customer can't find the next page or the page he is looking for, can really hamper their experience. Search is also a very essential component of any business website as it helps the users to easily find the exact products they are looking for. Think of it, if you have to scroll down a million products to find the one you're looking for, how would you feel? Of course you'll even abandon the website, so take proper care of it in your business website.

3. Precise Content

No one likes to read long paragraphs of content as it seems boring. So it is always suggested to divide your content into bullet points & that too precise ones. Use of other forms of content like images, GIFs and videos is also recommended as these help in better customer engagement.  The content should always be to the point & interesting.

4. Customer Reviews & Ratings

Gaining trust of new customers is not that easy as they should always have a reason to shop from your business website. Moreover people shop for those products more which have been tried by others and have been reviewed by them. Therefore it is very essential to have a customer reviews page on your business website so that people could easily place their trust in your website due to the transparency. This also enhances the conversion rate & business sales.

5. Contact Us Page

Make sure to show a clear contact us page as it helps in earning the trust of the customers. You even won't like to shop on a website that doesn't show its contact details or address details as it feels like scam. Always let your customers know who you are so that they can trust your business easily.

6. Live Chat

Most of the times when we shop online, we have a lot of questions in our mind and if we don’t get an answer to them we most likely abandon the cart. This is the case with all the e-commerce websites. So if you provide your customers with a live chat functionality to clear their doubts by asking questions directly from customer support, it can lead to higher business sales. People are most likely to trust your brand better with such functionality.

7. Simple & Faster Checkout Page

Customers love it when the checkout is faster and lesser details are asked during it. So try to cut short the checkout process & don't make the customers fill long details. Always strive to make the cart persistent so that whenever the customers open the website again on a different device, the products still are available in their shopping cart.

So these were the top 7 ways to improve user experience for your e-commerce website. This can easily help in enhancing the business sales and conversion rate. Make sure to follow these ways to make your website better & get far better profitable results.

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March 12, 2018 at 6pm - 9pm
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