As part of the year of Architecture and Design, the Scottish Ecological Design Association (SEDA) is publishing ‘100 Sustainable Scottish Buildings’, a hardback visual and written resource that demonstrates the diversity found in sustainable projects in Scotland. 

The book will be punctuated by a series of essays on the subject of sustainability. Nominations are invited for buildings and projects of any size, type and age. A nomination can be made by anyone, for a project with which they have been intimately involved or one they have just admired from afar.

The aim of the book is to communicate that sustainability does not translate into a particular aesthetic or a particular design approach. SEDA does not intend for ‘100 Sustainable Scottish Buildings’ to be a list of the top one hundred, but instead it will highlight the benefits and evolving practice of sustainable design through evidence and comparison. 

The submission deadline is 6th March 2016.

Please visit the SEDA website to download the guidance documents and copyright form.

Source: Scottish Sustainable Network


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