It is The Year 2025. Looking back over the last 10 years, Scotland’s successful progress during a decade of disruptive global changes stands out amongst developed economies …

How did Scotland transform from Fragile to Agile?

Blueprint 2015 is SCDI's view on this question our country must answer.

The Report focuses on the areas of underperformance in the Scottish economy - Productivity, Innovation and Internationalisation - which are underpinned by Infrastructure and Place, and the levers required to support stronger economic growth which is equitable and sustainable.

Click here to access & read the new SCDI Blueprint 2015 Report 'From Fragile To Agile: A Blueprint for Growth & Prosperity'

“The opportunities and threats before Scotland from global disruptive changes are stark and our economy must make the transformation from fragile to agile. Productivity is the principal driver of growth, and to succeed we must collectively tackle this head-on, including by addressing the key economic challenges of innovation and internationalisation. This is not an agenda on which government can deliver alone - we all must take a lead. Underpinned by infrastructure, both physical and digital, the connection of place and the skills of our people, we must meet the challenge of an emerging economy if we are to secure a prosperous future for Scotland. SCDI’s Blueprint 2015 presents a vision of how together we could forge and attain that future.”

Source: SCDI

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