STP is the go-to body for Scotland’s towns; a hub for promoting all things towns, and a hive of activity to help you learn, connect, find practical support and advice, and share good practice and knowledge. It is a repository for a wealth of intelligence around the Town Centre Action Plan and other policy conversations. You can read an overview of STP and the towns policy agenda in Scotland here

Our deep rooted knowledge of the towns landscape and our extensive range of services, supports the Scottish Government's ongoing commitment to secure a positive future for Scotland's towns. Our work ensures better informed policy makers, more effective practitioners, better connected governance mechanisms, better value investment decisions, and critically, more sustainable and attractive towns across Scotland. STP is Secretary to the Cross Party Group on Towns which helps profile the issues relating towns.

The Town Centre Regeneration Fund, which found unanimous support in the Scottish Parliament (Town Centre Regeneration: TCRF Case Studies Report), led to the National Review of Town Centres led by the External Advisory Group. In 2012 the Centre for Scottish Public Policy (CSPP) formed STP as a spin out organisation, to support the National Review and report on the Scottish Government’s response to the review - the Town Centre Action Plan in November 2013.


STP was officially launched as the go-to body for Scotland’s towns in 2014 by then Minister for Towns, Derek Mackay. The Town Centre Action Plan : One Year on report can be access here. The Town Centre Action Plan: Two Year on report can be viewed here.

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