Big Lottery Fund - Over the years many of my colleagues have written blog posts that shared our best hints, tips and advice when applying for National Lottery funding from the Big Lottery Fund.

As most of these blog posts are still relevant when applying for funding today, I thought it might be helpful to bring all of our most popular funding advice blogs together into one single article (this one!) for people to refer to.

With this in mind, below is a list of links to a range of blog posts that you may find useful if you are considering applying for funding, or are already in the process of putting together your application.

Are you eligible to apply?

Applying for £10k or less

Applying for more than £10k

Grants for capital and building work

Completing application forms

Our three approaches (we want to fund work that is strengths-based, connected and people-led)

Nervous about applying for funding? Don’t be!

A sample of our recent funding application success rates

Other tips and advice

I hope you find the above list of blog posts useful when making your next funding application.

If you have a favourite blog post of ours that you like to refer to when making an application and it isn’t included here, feel free to send me the link at [email protected] so that I can include it.

Interested in applying for funding? Please click here to view the funding opportunities we have available at the moment.

Source: Big Lottery Fund

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