With international discussion of the climate emergency and a growing number of local councils taking action on climate change, Blachere Illumination has launched a second eco-responsible range of decorations. 

The new range is made from recycled plastic bottles and follows on from their first one made from a sugar-cane based product.

500 billion bottles are produced every year and many of them end up being littered or in the oceans.​ Indeed, each year, about 8 million tons of waste end up in the oceans and form the 7th continent: a vortex of​ floating plastics equivalent in size to a third of Europe.​

Blachere have decided to tackle plastic pollution by recycling PET (polyethylene terephthalate)​ from the food industry to create beautiful and innovative decorations using this unique material - rPET (recycled​PET).​

Salvaged bottles are sorted by colour (from colourless to blue), then crushed into flakes to be shaped for​ extrusion. The granules resulting from this transformation are then injected into Blachere's 3D printers to create unique​ blue decorations.​

This unrivalled method helps to limit greenhouse gas emissions and to keep nature clean from plastic bottles as​ far as possible.​

“Less plastic bottles for a clean planet and use it to decorate your streets” is a simple objective and message which the illuminations company feels everyone can support.

A video explaining the process and resulting product range can be viewed here

Read more about Recyprint here

Information provided by Blachere, edited by Scotland's Towns Partnership. 



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