To inform the new programme ‘Building Capacity: Developing Skills’, Arts & Business Scotland is surveying arts and heritage sector organisations on capacity building needs. 


Message from Arts & Business Scotland

We aim for this survey to take no longer than 10 minutes of your time at: to share the findings at the programme launch event later this year. This survey is for individuals and organisations which offer a cultural experience in Scotland, or otherwise identify as an arts or heritage organisation.

Scotland is recognised for having a dynamic and vibrant culture sector, and we recognise that both arts and heritage sectors are key contributors to that. With this project we are looking to foster connections between arts and heritage, and connections to other sectors, so that the cultural offer is stronger and more resilient across Scotland. We believe that bringing people and organisations together from across different sectors creates a unique opportunity to build capacity and share best practise and will be essential in the recovery and renewal of the culture sector.

The questions are based on a sampling exercise done between July and October 2020, where Elisa de Waal (Partnerships and Development Manager) invited arts & heritage sector organisations to discuss their current capacity building needs. The following themes have been identified as being key areas for development (These are in no particular order):

  • Community Engagement
  • Business Engagement
  • Governance
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)
  • Staff and Volunteer Wellbeing
  • Income generation

With this survey we’d like to further investigate these themes, and specifically how these topics apply to you and your organisation. We hope to use this information to inform the new Historic Environment Scotland (HES) funded ‘Building Capacity : Developing Skills’ programme, which lasts 3 years aims to encourage collaborative and partnership engagement between heritage, arts and business sectors, in order to encourage new activity, economic prosperity and bring health and wellbeing to people in communities across Scotland. We want to do this by curating a programme aimed at increasing skills, building capacity, networking, and peer learning on both a national and local scale.

At Arts & Business Scotland we take you privacy seriously. Your answers will be treated as private and confidential and will only be viewed by authorised A&BS staff. Any sharing of the result of this survey will reflect collective views, no individual response will be shared publicly. Any personal details will be deleted after the data has been collated.

At the end of this survey we ask for your details. You are not obliged to complete this, however if you do this, it gives us the possibility to respond better to any individual issues you have indicated – either directly by email if relevant or through our programming and activity.

If you have any questions or comments please get in touch with [email protected].


Please access the survey here (or copy this into your browser: )

The deadline for completion is 16 November 2020, but please complete the survey as soon as possible. We will be distributing this survey through a number of partners and channels so apologies if you have received this request multiple times.

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