The Place Standard is delivered by NHS Health Scotland, Architecture & Design Scotland and Scottish Government.

The Place Standard is a tool that helps communities, public agencies, voluntary groups and others to work together to design places and spaces that improve health and reduce health inequalities by providing a simple framework to structure conversations about place.

Having been widely used across Scotland and Europe over the last over two years, it is now time to find out what is working well and whether there are any areas that can be improved. We are undertaking an improvement programme to help us to improve the user experience, and increase access and application.

We want to hear from organisations, groups and individuals who have used the Place Standard, and we also want to hear from people who haven’t used the tool. Please complete this survey to help us build on lessons to date to inform improvements to the Place Standard. Take the survey by following this link:

For any queries about the improvement programme contact the Place Standard team at [email protected]

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