Scottish Government are seeking to maintain an environment that promotes cost-effective learning opportunities through the communication of ideas, networking and engagement. They also seek to improve the impact of the learning network ethos, so that information reaches, interests and inspires new audiences.

The Learning Network Challenge Fund will support the learning network model. The fund is oriented towards the achievement of the Scottish Government’s housing and regeneration outcomes:

  • A well-functioning housing system
  • High quality, sustainable homes
  • Homes that meet people's needs
  • People live in socially, physically and economically sustainable communities.

The Challenge Fund is for small grants to support or sponsor events, best practice sharing, research or other learning network related activities. With an annual budget of up to £100,000, the Challenge Fund will allow more stakeholders to become directly involved in supporting the learning networks than has happened to date.

It is not envisaged that bids will be for more than £5,000 (although we do not intend to set a maximum), indeed we would encourage organisations to bid for smaller amounts in order that we can maximise the budget and thus receive more materials for sharing to a wider audience. Joint submissions will also be welcomed.

Who can apply?

The fund is open to all housing and regeneration stakeholders, including: community groups, housing associations, local authorities, independent network groups, specialist organisations and so on, and from other legally constituted bodies. Unable to accept bids from individuals. For 2015, Scottish Government would particularly encourage bids from community groups/organisations looking to undertake small projects such as visits to other communities or perhaps small events.

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