Claire Carpenter, Board Member

I am the Founder & CEO of  The Melting Pot – Scotland’s Center for Social innovation. Our aim is to stimulate and support social innovation.

I created ‘TMP’ to enable social innovators to work, meet, learn and connect.  This Award winning social enterprise, located in central Edinburgh, is one of Europes’ first ‘coworking hubs’. 

Our other services include Good Ideas - an incubation programme which helps people make change; and the Coworking Accelerator - tooling up placemakers all over the world to build the next generation of coworking businesses, developing the ecosystem supports to create resilient enterprising communities locally.

I grew up in a huge declining market town, with terrible transport infrastructure, urban planning and vision for identity. A sprawling & commuter town. There was not enough to stay there then. But the world is different now. I believe towns have an opportunity to become desirable and even a ‘destination’ again. We’ve a long way to go - but the future is coming - how, where and when we work is changing. Better towns can facilitate a better quality of life for many and for our collective future. Let’s crack on with it.

Sponsored by Supporting Scotland's Towns
Sponsored By Supporting Scotland's Towns