Claire Daly - Board Member

I am Policy & Communications Manager, Sustrans Scotland. I am interested in towns as places where people live, work, play, meet and socialise. I am also very interested in the role the urban environment plays in promoting people’s health and wellbeing. interested in how making towns good at a human level, by making them attractive for walking, cycling and visiting, can in fact make towns good for business, for housing, for families, children and visitors. 

Towns occupy an interesting space between rural and city-dwelling. Many have the challenges of a large urban environment (traffic congestion, lack of green spaces, pressure on services) but without the advantages of a larger city (own local authority, good public transport links, wider range of facilities) . Making towns more people-centred, with good walking and cycling infrastructure is key to making towns successful, and overcoming the challenges of an urban environment while taking advantage of the benefits of shorter travel distances.

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Sponsored By Supporting Scotland's Towns