Project Description

The successful candidate will co-ordinate projects of two ambitious East Renfrewshire Business Improvement Districts: I Love Clarkston and Giffnock Village.

Comprising of over 200 businesses together, both BIDs represent a strong collective voice in the area, supporting trade and commerce, as well as heavily contributing to the local community life by big events and visual improvements to the area.

The co-ordinator will lead income generation, developing, delivering and marketing public events and other local marketing initiatives that involve local stakeholders such as independent and national businesses, schools, home workers, art clubs and other community groups.

The Co-ordinator will work closely with East Renfrewshire Council Economic Development Officer dedicated to BIDs.

The post provides an opportunity to liaise on a daily basis with: private, public and third sector.

Job Tile East Renfrewshire BIDs Projects Co-ordinator Key Tasks Proposed BID Coordinator (independent post, outside the remit of ER Council, working in partnership/closely with Senior Economic Development Officer)

Delivery of BIDs Business Plans

  • Researching suppliers and getting quotes at the initial stage and liaising with selected supplier to deliver project.
  • Assessing delivery of proposed projects and their financial feasibility.
  • Creating job descriptions for BID interns and coordinators, managing and coordinating their workload.
  • Regular updates and liaison with ER Council Senior Economic Development Officer.
  • Maintaining digital content
  • Content management of Clarkston and Giffnock BIDs websites and new content creation on a weekly basis, utilising Wordpress and a basic understanding of CSS.
  • Managing Clarkston’s and Giffnock’s Mailchimp accounts and mailing databases.
  • Designing emails to send out to lists and managing these lists, adding new subscribers and corresponding with subscribers on behalf of two BIDs.
  • Management and daily updates of BIDs’ social media channels. Regularly sharing news from other businesses and each BID’s own news through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

Funding and revenue generation

  • Revenue generation for two BIDs.
  • Searching for funding opportunities and submitting funding applications on behalf of the BIDs (Target: minimum of £15,000 of external funding a year brought to each BID).


  •  Planning, costing and delivery of key BID public events.
  •  Selecting and contacting suppliers and performers.
  •  Risk assessments.
  •  Applying for licenses.
  •  Car park closures including car leafleting and organising parking alternatives.
  •  Liaison with LA and Police, arranging payments and permissions.
  •  Liaison with businesses.
  •  Design and distribution of promotional material and media enquiries.
  •  Event set up.
  •  Event coordination on a day.
  • Visitor surveys design and delivery to gauge the success of the day.

PR and Marketing

  •  Working with designers to oversee production of all marketing material, providing detailed instructions and corrections regarding the intended image of artwork supplying content.
  •  Using digital channels to raise attention. Scheduling email and social media messages to build attention and, for events, suspense leading up to the date
  •  Distribution of all marketing material including school bag drops and door to door poster and leaflet distribution.
  •  Liaison with businesses on a daily basis, addressing their queries regarding BIDs projects, accounts and BID meetings (taking calls, responding to emails and personal visits).
  •  Establishing and maintaining relationships with local community groups and schools to gain their assistance advertising events, encouraging them to share details of the event through social media, physical advertising and word of mouth.
  •  Co-ordinating all above marketing efforts to effectively advertise the event. This includes ensuring the distribution of all marketing material is co-ordinated to achieve maximum impact.
  •  Branding
  •  Place marketing: raising BIDs brand awareness.
  •  Banners, Christmas lights and tree enquiries, quotes and coordination of installation.
  •  Merchandise.
  •  Pop up shop.


  •  Representing the BID at cross party group for towns at the SG, BID gatherings, national towns summits and other meetings.
  •  Communicating with other BIDs on behalf of ER BIDs.
  •  Liaison with ER Chamber of Commerce and ER BIDs Directors. Administration
  •  Organising and attending all Committee meetings.
  •  Minuting BID Committee Meetings.
  •  Submission of the most up to date BID database for the levy collection.
  •  BID Excel database creation and updates.
  •  Delivery of BID business forums.
  •  Organising mailings. Preparing lists and information to be sent out to BID Members.
  •  Contacting BID Members for information regarding business and information for projects.
  •  PowerPoint presentations at BID gatherings, towns summits etc.
  •  Liaison with ER BIDs accountants and Directors regarding BIDs’ expenditure, contractors’ invoices, monthly accounts, VAT returns and money transfers.
  •  Organising prizes for BID competitions and liaising with businesses regarding prize vouchers.

Key Skills (must have)

  •  Advanced Excel, Word, Powerpoint
  •  Wordpress and a basic understanding of CSS
  •  Social media web analysis tools
  •  Strong verbal and written communication skills
  •  Mature, strongly motivated, able to work independently and multitask, eager to adjust to flexible working hours. Strong motivation and initiative are vital in business/social interactions on behalf of the BID.
  •  Able to apply concepts of market segmentation and customer targeting.
  •  Interest in events, community engagement and place marketing would be a plus. Desirable skills
  •  Knowledge of the local area
  •  Mailchimp
  •  Entrepreneurial approach

Start date and duration 31st August 2015 for 6 months. Contract extension for up to 3 years possible, subject to the amount of generated funding. Salary and hours £13,000 - £15,000 for 6 months, depending on experience. Hours negotiable. If you are interested please send your CV along with the cover letter to [email protected] Applications close on 23rd August 2015.

For more information please visit:

I Love Clarkston

Giffnock Village


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