Zero Waste Scotland are looking to support three Scottish Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), Traders’ Associations or local business groups to improve waste management practices. 

The selected geographic clusters will be provided with consultancy support to review current waste management practices and provide an options appraisal for solutions that will improve management practices, increase segregation, reduce waste production and suggest circular economy opportunities within the Group. The expert consultant will then take steps to support the implementation of the Group’s preferred solution, working at all times in close collaboration with members of the business group. The steps taken will result in cost and carbon savings for each of the businesses and could simplify waste management procurement, improve the appearance of the local area and reduce waste related traffic. Capital costs associated with the projects may be met by accessing the Resource Efficiency Waste Prevention Implementation Fund and/or the interest free Resource Efficient Scotland SME Loan.

If your BID, Traders’ Association or local business group is interested in benefitting from expert technical support to help address your waste challenge and identify opportunities to reduce waste and increase reuse, please complete this Expression of Interest and return it to [email protected] by 21st August 2017. The Groups that may be supported will:

  • have a predominantly SME membership
  • be able to show commitment to the success of the project across the group
  • show potential for a significant cost, carbon and waste saving

The expert consultant will propose solutions to your waste management issues, and might include (but are not limited to):

  • Development and Implementation of a Local Waste Reduction Plan
  • Implementing improved processes to reduce waste production
  • Implementing improved segregation of wastes
  • Implementing a supplier take-back or reverse logistics scheme within the cohort
  • Improving waste management operations in a local area through a collaborative waste management approach in order to reduce costs and improve compliance, reduce vehicle movements and carbon emissions and improve visual impact
  • Identification of re-use opportunities within the cohort

Download Expression of Interest form here.

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