Do you want to encourage more re-use and repair in your organisation or community? Pass it on week (10-18 March 2018) is the perfect campaign week to help. People across Scotland will be holding events, and as such there will be national publicity, resources and support to help. And Zero Waste Scotland want you to help them spread the word by holding events in your area. See below for more information from ZWS: 


The 4th year of Pass it on week will be running from 10-18 March 2018. The week is all about re-use, so passing things on, upcycling, swapping, repairing – anything to #MakeThingsLast. This year we are also running a musical instrument amnesty to get those lonely, unplayed instruments out of the cupboard and given to someone who can make use of them. We want businesses, local authorities, communities groups, educational establishment and musical organisations to get involved. 


In the past, organisations have held;

  • Swap shops for clothes, jigsaws, ties and much more

  • Upcycling workshops

  • Repair workshops – from bikes, to clothing to teddy bear hospitals

  • Donation drives for charity shops, groups collecting items for re-use or even our national electrical amnesty

  • Discounts on 2nd hand items

  • Competitions

  • Talks and Film showings

  • Stationery amnesties and much much more.


We’re holding stakeholder events where you can hear from Zero Waste Scotland about our plans and how we can support you. We will also have some organisations talking about the great work they’ve done around re-use to inspire you to take action. 


They are in;

Glasgow on 22nd January 10.00 – 12.30 (guest speakers from Music Broth and Scottish Power)

Dundee on 23rd January 10.00-12.30 (guest speakers from Gate Church and Zero Waste Perth)

Inverurie on 9th February 13.00-15.30 (guest speakers from Robert Gordon University and Moray Waste Busters).


To book for any of the above, visit our website at;

More information on pass it on week:

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