The Scottish Government Register of Community Benefits from Renewables is intended to log payments given by commercial developers to surrounding communities.

What is the Register?

The Register shows renewable energy projects in Scotland, and allows developers and communities to upload community benefit details attached to these projects. Only community benefit schemes from operational projects should be added - ideally following provision of the first installation of community benefit.

What projects are on the map?

Note that the operational projects shown are intended as a guide to installations in Scotland and should not be seen as an exhaustive list of all operational projects. If you would like to see a renewable energy development added to the map, please Local Energy Scotland know.

Please note that the Register may have inaccurate or outdated information, and should be regarded as a guide to community benefit provisions across Scotland. Any disputes regarding community benefit should be dealt with directly between the relevant parties. 

Process questions

Please note that some questions in the Register ask for detail on a developer's method, and the experience of those involved with this process. These questions have been added in 2014 and it should be noted that historic schemes commissioned before this date may not have such data available - a lack of information on such projects is not a reflection on the process undertaken.

More about community benefits:

For further information on community benefits, please see Local Energy Scotland's guidance package


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