The Defibrillator Group is a non-profit organisation which works to ensure that NHS, community-funded and privately purchased defibrillators are supplied, installed, maintained and protected.

The Defibrillator Group reports that over 30,000 people suffer out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in the UK every year and without defibrillation the survival rates are only 5%. With a defibrillator close-by these rates rise to 75%.

The organisation states on its website: "community defibrillators need to be looked after correctly. Monthly safety checks must be carried out by an appointed guardian and submitted to your local ambulance service. Batteries and pads need to be changed when they expire, and the defibrillator needs to be protected against theft or vandalism".

"The Defibrillator Group provides a one stop shop so fundraising groups, charities and private businesses will have the peace of mind knowing that their equipment is professionally installed, maintained and, in the rare event it is stolen or damaged, it will be replaced".

The group fundraises in order to offer many of their services free of charge to charities and community groups.

For an idea about how this service might look in your town or community, please view the following leaflets. 

Stockport- Sign Leaflet

Stockport - Defibrillator Leaflet.

For more information about how a community defibrillator could be installed in your community, please read more information and contact at: 


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