In the run-up to the Scottish parliamentary election the CSPP will be provoking debate on the key issues affecting all of us who live in Scotland. As part of this we will feature one policy idea every day for 100 days in the lead up to the vote, to be presented to the First Minister once a new Scottish Government has been conformed.

Importantly, they would like your help to make sure that these ideas reflect the views and needs of their membership and the wider third sector community. What policies would you, or your organisation, like political parties to adopt in the next parliament in order to benefit Scotland’s people and places? What issues are a priority to address in Scotland at this time, and how?

CSPP invite you to take a moment to think and send them your thoughts or idea – no matter how big or small, even single-liners are welcome – for consideration on our list. If you represent an organisation that is already promoting a key idea in its manifesto, we can give credit to that organisation and link the idea to your relevant policy document. We can also omit mention of the name of any person who submits an idea if they prefer.

The CSPP will review ideas submitted to ensure they are consistent with our policy areas important to people and place in Scotland. These include public services, health and wellbeing, environmental quality, towns and planning, community development and participation, local government and taxation, and our democracy.

So please get in touch with CSPP and help them show the breadth and depth of positive and practical thinking from across Scotland on how to improve our society and environment in the months and years to come. You can contact them via our website or by emailing [email protected]

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