A key result of the World Towns Leadership Summit 15-16 June, Edinburgh, will be the creation and signing of the World Towns Agreement: A Public-Private-Social Vision for Urban Centres – co-produced with the Academy of Urbanism, CLES and Architecture and Design Scotland. A milestone in urban development for the 21st century, the Agreement will be shared worldwide to help influence international authorities and governments, and to drive forward a new vision of civic governance.

In his article Working Globally to Shape Policy LocallyDavid Downey, CEO of the International Downtown Association and leading urban development figure, explained the importance of the Summit and the Agreement, stating they would “shape the leadership positions we will convey to the world for years to come”. 

Meanwhile Phil Prentice, Chief Officer of Scotland’s Towns Partnership, has added his voice to the need for a new agenda on towns and urban districts, which the Agreement will embody. In a recent article he stated, “All roads are leading to Edinburgh this summer; the world is coming to talk towns, the future, social justice and environmentally sustainable communities…join us at the World Towns Leadership Summit in Our Dynamic Earth in June to see how we can start building a better world”.

This document pulls together all the early thinking around the Agreement and creates a platform for debate around the four pillars of Economy, Identity, Environment and Governance.  We want to hear from you! Do you think that this approach will work? How can it be improved?

This is your chance to comment, feedback and add your own thoughts to this developmental stage of the World Towns Agreement. 

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