Derek Robertson, Board Member

I am proud to lead Keep Scotland Beautiful, one of the UK’s leading environmental charities. KSB is a provider of environmental and place-making services. It has a trusted, credible, non-political and non-partisan reputation working across all three sectors – private, public and not-for-profit – to assist partners to achieve their environmental and corporate and social responsibility ambitions. We are extensively involved in community development and engagement and deliver a number of important environmental programmes in communities across the country. KSB’s reach and impact is regarded as reaching at least 1:5 of the population.

The prosperity and environmental quality of Scotland’s towns is hugely important both in terms of an individual’s health and wellbeing and also for the role they play in relation to the nation’s economic prospects. The value that clean, green and sustainable places to live work and spend our leisure time has for people has never been more significant and therefore the work of Scotland’s Towns Partnership is vital if we are to meet the aspirations of those who have set up home in our beautiful country. Whilst many of Scotland’s towns are flourishing, not every community is at its best, so it is important that all our respective agencies work collaboratively in the years to come to ensure that all our towns, and the people that live in them, enjoy the best of circumstances in all respects. If we achieve this, and combine this with many of Scotland’s natural assets, we will be the envy of many a nation.

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