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Development Trust Association Scotland encourages the growth of new development trusts.

Through the provision of information, resources and a variety of direct contact, DTA Scotland assists interested communities explore the benefits and relevance of the development trust approach. It also provides useful resources, training and limited support to communities wishing to establish a development trust.

DTA Scotland’s vision is to have a successful development trust in every community that wants one.

To achieve this DTA Scotland will address itself to four key areas of activity:

  1. Encouraging the growth of new development trusts.
  2. Support and strengthening established development trusts
  3. Promoting and representing the interests of development trusts
  4. Reflecting the democratic wishes and aspirations of our membership and running our own organisation efficiently and transparently.

What Development trusts really are?

Development trusts are community organisations which owned and managed by the local community and aim to achieve the sustainable regeneration of a community or address a range of economic, social, environmental and cultural issues within a community. They are independent but seek to work in partnership with other private, public and third sector organisations. Furthermore, they aim to reduce dependency on grant support by generating income through enterprise and the ownership of assets. All trading surpluses are principally reinvested in the organisation or the community. Local people set up development trusts to tackle local issues and to improve the quality of life in their community. As a result, development trusts become involved in a very wide range of activities.

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Sponsored By Supporting Scotland's Towns