13/04/2017 - Scotland's Towns Partnership, in partnership with the Scottish Government, is seeking to appoint two digital advisors on a contract / project basis. 

The advisor / expert role is to deliver new collaborations and to provide advice around strategy, design, procurement, digital inclusion, and innovation in the context of Digital Towns. For more information on these issues, please read STP's Digital Towns Guidance, published in March 2017. 

If you are interested in applying for this role, Scotland’s Towns Partnership would welcome a very short summary of your skills and expertise along with a fully inclusive day rate on the basis of between 20 - 40 days’ work.

Please send your professional summary by 5pm, 28 April 2017 to Elaine Bone at: [email protected]


Digital Advisor Role

The role of the advisor is to be an impartial industry expert, encouraging innovation and best practice digital investment. The role will be a combination of technology, design, solutions and procurement specialist knowledge as well as being a digital evangelist.

DAs will be expected to be capable of undertaking a strategic audit of existing and planned digital infrastructure in the pilot geography. Therefore knowledge of DSSB, Commercial Roll Out Programmes, Mobile Telecoms and Ofcom regulations will be required. A high level of technological and digital industry knowledge would be expected as detailed design and procurement support will be provided to the pilot.

The advisor will be required to bring senior strategic stakeholders together across a range of sectors - telecoms, Council, College, Transport, Health, Housing, Energy, Tourism, Retail and Business. Therefore they should have a good understanding of the digital structures, issues and opportunities across multiple sectors.

The advisor will lead on stakeholder workshops, help align strategy and investment and encourage wide participation and engagement (Digital Ambassadors).

Specific tasks under this area include;
- An analysis of digital uptake and awareness across sectors and population
- Establish a Digital Ambassadors programme to build evidence and encourage uptake
- Measure and evaluate - create a baseline and progress frameworks
- Ensure deployments are sustainable

The Advisor will work as a specialist (impartial industry expert) alongside a small project team and supported by STP and Carnegie UK Trust.

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