The Resource Efficient Scotland SME Loan scheme has now opened for new applications. Funded by the Scottish Government, the loan could help you reduce your business’s overhead costs through improved energy, material resource and/or water efficiency.

  • Loans are available from £1,000 to £100,000.
  • Available to Scottish SMEs (as defined by EC), private sector landlords, not-for-profit organisations and charities.
  • No set up charges.
  • Interest free (unless you are applying for a renewable technology and will receive Feed-in Tariff or Renewable Heat Incentive, in which case the interest rate is 5 per cent).

Last year many business that applied for the loan used it to upgrade their heating, lighting, glazing and insulation, to reduce energy costs. Others installed solar PV and now enjoy cheap, green electricity from sunlight. A wide range of other projects were also supported by the loan.

Do you have a project that you would like funded? Want help to find out what type of projects your business could benefit from? Then do call Resource Efficient Scotland on 0808 808 2268, or email [email protected] ASAP, as applications are awarded subject to the ongoing availability of loan funds.

Don’t think you can save money on energy, raw materials or water?

Resource Efficient Scotland provides a wide range of free resources and expert support to help businesses improve their resource efficiency and cut energy, materials and water costs. Last year they identified over £16 million worth of savings - that’s over £18,000 savings on average for each of the businesses they helped.

To find out about the free, independent and confidential support your business is entitled to, call 0808 808 2268, email [email protected] or visit


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