Ambassadors for Scotland's global engagement, including the Scottish Government, Scottish Development International, and the British Council will gather in Edinburgh on 28th April to attend the launch of a publication which provides ground-breaking insights into the links between Scotland's culture and outlook, and our engagement, connectivity and trade with the wider world. The launch is supported by Edinburgh University's Centre for Cultural Relations and Scottish Development International.

Published by the Economic Development Association Scotland (EDAS), Outlook, Culture and Scottish Internationalisation features a series of articles written by leading figures from business, media, the public sector and academia; including Professor Paul Bishop (William Jacks Chair of Modern Languages, University of Glasgow), Dame Sue Bruce (Former Chief Executive of City of Edinburgh Council), Fiona Fraser (Brand Strategist), and Dr Derek Shepherd (Former Managing Director, Aggreko).
The publication comes hot on the heels of the Scottish Government's new Trade and Investment Strategy, whose explicit aim is "to drive a shift in mindset with increased global outlook" in Scotland as key to increasing economic internationalisation.
Speaking ahead of the publication launch, Robert Pollock, Chair of EDAS, said, "Smaller nations, like Scotland, should celebrate the diversity, creativity and insights they bring to the global table.  Our country has much to offer and we should share it in this dynamic and ever shrinking world. Scotland needs a national collaborative system that can harness our collective spirit, energy, resilience and resourcefulness.  EDAS' publication offers valuable insight and aims to act as a catalyst for greater internationalisation in the coming years."
Curated by EDAS, Scotland's economic development network, the publication concludes a year of work on internationalisation. The work will contribute to the Association's broader evolving policy framework, A Route Map for Common Ambition for Scotland, which also focuses on innovation and skills. The Route Map has been developed to reconsider some of the big economic policy issues facing Scotland and further outcomes will be shared throughout 2016.
With prominent members from the public, private and third sectors, EDAS is positioned as one of Scotland's most authoritative and respected sources of informed commentary on economic development; ensuring that key aspects of economic development are kept at the forefront of public debate and comment.
The launch event takes place at 4.30 pm, Thursday 28th April at, Edinburgh University, 50 George Square Project Room, Edinburgh. The publication will be released to coincide with the launch. For details contact EDAS on 07801 354591.
Source: EDAS
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