Meldrum House

Meldrum House transformed with digital technology: 90% of bookings are now taken online, and Facebook generates a significant amount of traffic to the website. 


With a rich history reaching back to a Knight Templar and the 13th century, Meldrum House, a 240 acre estate nestled in the heart of Aberdeenshire’s tranquil countryside, became a hotel in 1950s and is today an award-winning 4 star country hotel and golf course.

Meldrum House first engaged with Scottish Enterprise (SE) 5 years ago and has maintained an on-going relationship ever since.

The Challenge

A relatively small niche business, Meldrum House had ambitions to grow and establish itself as one of Scotland’s leading golf resorts and wedding venues. 

They had the product and the drive to succeed but realised early on that times had changed, especially in the way people search for and book hotels. In order to pursue their ambitions and grow the businesses they knew that it was vital to embrace digital. However, they lacked the in-house knowledge and skills to do so effectively on their own.

Andy Burgess, CEO, Meldrum House, said: “Things have changed. The way business is done is evolving. Digital and social are now part of daily life. If you’re not there you’re not in the game.”

The Solution

Thanks to support from Scottish Enterprise, Meldrum House engaged in a marketing and branding project, which resulted in a complete overhaul of their digital presence. This included a brand new optimised and mobile-friendly website, and implementation of a digital marketing strategy, supported by hands-on face-to-face training on online tools, such as Mailchimp and Google Analytics.

The Outcome

Meldrum House continues to grow, with online business seeing the largest growth since the changes have been implemented. The new website has been performing extremely well and the numbers speak for themselves. 90% of bookings are now taken online.

The fact alone that they now have the ability themselves to access and analyse these online statistics has been invaluable to the business.

They also found their Facebook page to be a very effective means for attracting specific demographics and communicating with the community. This has allowed them to be very targeted with their marketing campaigns, sending the right message to the right people at the right time, which has proven to be extremely successful.

The Experience

According to Andy Meldrum House’s experience with Scottish Enterprise has been very positive. Over the years the relationship has evolved and changed into a personal one. “It is good to know that our account manager is available at the other end of the phone and always available for help with tourism-related issues.” 

Andy also believes that tourism-specific support is advantageous, especially for micro businesses, which he says must combat the “dinosaur syndrome” in order to remain competitive. “Many businesses are still not fully engaged in Digital but they need to keep up. They either need to train themselves or ask for expertise.”

SOURCE: Scottish Enterprise

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