Utilities specialists eyebright would like to extend an offer to all STP members and associates at this time, to offer their knowledge and support to anybody who has concerns with making payments on their utilities bills or concerns with their contractual framework. There is no need to be a client of eyebright to receive this support.

[Message below provided by eyebright for the attention of STP members]

We have strong relationships with most suppliers in the industry and can often cut through a lot of the layers and get talking to the right people. In most cases we are aware of what the supplier’s policy is and what the customer can expect, so although every query is being treated on a case by case basis, we can set expectations for all parties very quickly.

At present we are looking for our supplier network to consider the following points.

 Adjust any budget plan to reflect actual usage and not the forecasted usage of prior
 Place all payment requests on hold for 3 Months.
 Failing being able to place payments on hold implementing a reasonable payment plan.
 Suppressing any late payment fees and debt action until an agreed date.
 Negotiate the suspension of any take or pay clause that may be incurred due to a scale
back in production where applicable.
 Review and advise on any Force Majeure clause that could be execute on.
We have a dedicated team with a wealth of experience running point on this and will always update
the customer by which ever method they prefer.

You don’t have to be a client of ours at all, if you need our help then please do get in touch and we will do everything we can for you. This is a time when SME business really need to stand together and if we can help even one small business or sole trader pull through this with our expertise then we will.


Contact eyebright here: https://eyebrightutilities.co.uk/contact/

Stay Safe, The eyebright team

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