Glasgow City Council is launching a conversation with Glaswegians to help develop a long-term plan to allow the city to recover from major catastrophes and the chronic stresses faced by a 21st century urban area.

It is hoped the draft document - Our Resilient Glasgow Conversation - will help the city "thrive not just survive" the many challenges, events or stresses that it could face in the future.

In Glasgow, challenges include extreme weather such as storms and flooding caused by climate change, securing sustainable and affordable energy supplies amid increasing pressure on the national grid, and tackling poverty.

At the moment, the city has plans in place to deal with individual emergencies, but this new draft plan hopes to make Glasgow more resilient for decades into the future.

Councillor Gordon Matheson, Leader of Glasgow City Council and Chair of the Sustainable Glasgow partnership, said: "Glasgow is a city which learns from its past and builds on its strengths.

"We are not only building a sustainable city that has in place systems which last but which can adapt and change to demonstrate resilience no matter what the future holds.

"Glasgow's key strength is our people who have always shown a willingness to adapt, change and flourish during our long and rich history. We hope that everyone will take the opportunity to engage with us in this conversation to help us build a Glasgow of the future which can withstand and grow despite the many challenges we know we will face as a 21st century city."

While Glasgow can predict some things, such as the impact of climate change, most of the future is uncertain and we need to have the flexibility to respond to whatever we may have to face.

The new draft document is the city's initial thoughts on how to build a more resilient Glasgow for the 21st century.

The consultation documents can be viewed on our Consultation Hub. A wide range of fun and dynamic activities will be taking place across the city between June and August. This will include workshops, community events and public talks. To keep informed about the latest engagement plans as they are announced, please or follow us on Twitter at @greenglasgow.

In May 2013, the Rockefeller Foundation announced a $100 million commitment to build urban resilience in cities around the world. In the coming years, 100 cities will join the new Resilient Cities Network. Nearly 400 cities across six continents applied for the challenge and the first 33 were chosen by a panel of eight judges. Glasgow is one of these pioneers - others include Christchurch in New Zealand, New Orleans in Louisiana and Durban in South Africa.

Resilient Glasgow is a key part of Sustainable Glasgow - a public-private partnership providing a city strategy on key sustainable projects including energy planning, sustainable transport, developing the green jobs markets and skills training. It also has a number of organisations working with communities on reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change.

Source: Keep Scotland Beautiful

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