Green Action Trust is leading on the Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN), a Scottish Government initiative and one of Europe's largest green-space projects. 

We have recently launched the 2030 Delivery Plan for the CSGN which encourages partners to align their work around four connected work streams- climate solutions, place, health and well-being and green recovery. The Trust is keen to work with new partners to ensure that environmental regeneration contributes to the revitalising and ongoing success of our towns and local economies. 

Alongside Scotland's Towns Partnership, Green Action Trust was a member of Scotland's VDL (Vacant and Derelict Land) Taskforce and has continued to work with local authorities, landowners and regeneration specialists to capture the opportunities offered by VDL and develop productive uses for these sites. We are interested in the potential for VDL restoration to deliver green solutions which will support local economic development and placemaking. 

We are working closely with Scottish Government on the roll-out of the £50 million low carbon Vacant and Derelict Land Investment Programme which supports place-based approaches to tackling persistent vacant and derelict land, delivering regeneration and sustainable inclusive growth as part of the green recovery. 


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