Homes for Scotland (HFS) has promoted Tammy Adams to the position of Director of Planning, responsible for developing and promoting the organisation’s position on local, strategic and national planning policy and practice, and on the infrastructure and utilities needed to support development.  

With Scotland’s planning system remaining firmly in the spotlight as the independent root and branch review marches towards a White Paper at the end of this year, there are clear signs that planning performance needs to improve – with latest official statistics showing a significant slowing down in the time taken to determine planning applications for major housing developments. Adams intends to continue to work positively with policy and decision-makers at the national, strategic and local levels, saying:

“Since joining HFS in September 2014 and in particular in recent months, I have seen some very positive signs of planning and development professionals from different sectors talking to each other more openly and constructively. 

“HFS members have played a key part in strengthening our discussions with the Scottish Government as well as local and strategic-level planners and we are starting to see some benefits in terms of the wider sector’s understanding of what the home building industry needs in order to bring development plans and housing targets to life.

“I hope this collaborative spirit will contribute to a significant increase in the delivery of the new homes which we need for communities across Scotland, as all involved look to play their part in enabling sustainable development.”

Tammy joined HFS in September 2014 as Principal Planning Advisor, becoming Head of Planning in February 2016. Prior to this she held a number of senior positions in England, including Head of Planning with Northumberland National Park Authority and as a planning advisor with the Department of Communities and Local Government.

The appointment will also see Tammy join HFS’ 22-strong Board of leading industry figures tasked with setting the organisation’s work priorities as it seeks to ensure our country has enough homes of all types in the right locations to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of our growing population.

Source: Homes for Scotland

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