Transport Scotland has undertaken a full analysis of the 663 responses to the ‘Improving Parking in Scotland’ public consultation, which was held over the summer of 2017. This sought views on how to address the issues of pavement parking, as well as exploring how best to manage disabled parking provision in Scotland.


Parking policies form an essential part of a local road authority’s traffic management strategy to help reduce congestion and improve safety. Irresponsible parking can and does have a negative impact, particularly when inconsiderate, obstructive or dangerous parking takes place.

In May 2015, Sandra White MSP introduced a Member’s Bill entitled “Footway Parking and Double Parking (Scotland) Bill” intended to introduce prohibitions on pavement parking, parking at dropped kerbs and double parking.

Although Ms White’s Bill was not enacted into law by the Scottish Parliament, there was significant cross-party support for the general principles for her Bill.

The Scottish Government made a commitment in December 2015 to progress this important matter once powers on parking were devolved. Those powers were devolved via the Scotland Act 2016, which enables the Scottish Parliament to now legislate on parking matters.

A report of the findings that is now available to view on the Citizen Space website at:

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