Sustrans - Sustrans Scotland is delighted to launch the Community Links PLUS design competition for 2018-20, run in partnership with the Scottish Government. Community Links PLUS is an opportunity to conceptualise, design and deliver exemplary and inspirational walking, cycling and placemaking projects in Scotland.

What Are We Looking For?

We're looking for ambitious proposals that help to restore balance in our streets in favour of people walking and cycling.

Projects should enable high number of people to travel by foot or bike and demonstrate a commitment to engaging with communities and delivering behaviour change measures.

Projects should also demonstrate an integrated approach to urban design, enhancing the public realm and bringing additional economic and social benefits to local communities.

Who Can Apply?

Local authorities, key statutory agencies and bodies can apply. We wholeheartedly support applications identified by others, such as communities.

Such projects should be developed in partnership with, and submitted by a local authority, statutory agency or body.

We’re looking for Expressions of Interest by 1st June 2018. If you’ve got a bold idea, then we’d love to hear from you!

Read the Community Links PLUS partner brief.

Community Link PLUS Website

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