It’s been four months since Irvine’s High Street Post Office moved to a rather unusual location – the back of a large hardware store.

This move to the Home Hardware shop is out of the ordinary for the Post Office, but by no means unique

Readers may be surprised to learn that Irvine is the third place in Scotland to house a post office inside a hardware shop.

The tiny fishing village of Avoch in the Highlands is served by a fisherman’s co-operative store and post office which includes a hardware section and the second in Wishaw, on the High Street, is in a shop very similar to the one in Irvine.

After receiving a few complaints about the change to the post office we spoke to people on the High Street about the new facility.

It turns out that most people we spoke to on the day weren’t too bothered by the unusual venue and were just glad that there is still a post office in the town centre, and on the same familiar street.

Home Hardware manager, F. Shehzad, said: “One third of the people who are now coming through the shop never even knew we existed, so bringing the post office has certainly raised awareness about the shop and increased the traffic visiting the store.

“That means we are kept very busy, cleaning and trying to make the shop look as attractive as possible, but at the moment sales haven’t really hit what we were told to expect.

“We have invested a lot of money to bring the post office here so we hope this will change.

“We are only four months into the change and it’s really too early too tell if it has been a success.”

The plans to change the post office were submitted this time last year and saw then MP Brian Donohoe claim the move would “bring enormous benefit to the people of Irvine”, describing the hardware store as “a modern day Aladdin’s Cave”.

As one of Mr Donohoe’s last campaigns before being ousted at the General Election he ended his statement in March 2015 by saying: “I have every confidence we are at the beginning of a journey which will result in a success story instead of a failure.”

SOURCE: The Daily Record

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