STP Chief Officer Blog - Keep Scotland Bru-tiful in the Circular Economy. 

Scotland’s Towns Partnership attended the Annual Local Environmental Conference hosted by Keep Scotland Beautiful, which is the charity that campaigns, acts and educates on a range of local, national and global environmental issues to change behaviour and improve the quality of people’s lives and the places they care for. They are making good progress but face a difficult struggle.

The conference brought together some of the latest thinking to explore how to make Scotland cleaner and tidier, and importantly that this responsibility belongs to all of us. AG Barr, the manufacturers of Scotland’s national tipple, no that’s not whisky, it’s Irn Bru; talked about the increase in corporate social responsibility to support communities to clean up, but more strategically how they can reduce waste during production, logistics and packaging.

Our very own Professor Leigh Sparks, Chair, STP, discussed the important links between people, place and the environment and amongst a host of speakers, we also heard from the NHS and the Forge on the importance of this agenda.

Scotland has some of the world’s most outstanding natural and built environments, so why don’t we take more care of these assets?

Our streetscapes our home to our heritage and culture as well as the civic spaces where we want to meet and socialise.

Why would we drop litter, cigarettes, and general debris on the ground when there is a bin 10 yards away? Says a lot about the individual.

The biggest complaint most folk have about their town centre is that "it's dirty".

All too often the state of a town centre reflects the health and well being of its surrounding population, as well as its ambition, vibrancy and prospect as a place. Scotland's Towns Partnership recognises the value of good local environmental quality standards. Just get the basics right, the rest will follow. A clean town is a healthy town, a place to be proud of and a place to grow - local government and its partners must see this as one of their most effective preventative investment.

We all have a duty to care for the places we call home. It will take educational step change to address and worsening picture.

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