Scotland's Towns Partnership chose Kilwinning town centre as the final destination for this years MSP Connector Programme. The programme established by STP in 2015 is intended to get MSP's from across the country talking to shoppers, residents and businesses in their constituency towns.

Phil Prentice, Chief Officer at Scotland's Towns Partnership said: "The work undertaken by the Council to improve Kilwinning Town Centre is fantastic and it's also great to know that these works were delivered using Land Engineering who are an Ayrshire based employer. We used today's visit to look at some of the various uses within town centres that are often viewed controversially - the bookmaker, the pie shop, the pub and the charity shop. In towns like Kilwinning they all form an important part of the town centre mix."

Ruth Maguire MSP, recently elected to represent Cunninghame South said, "The town centre is where our residents meet, shop, access services and socialise. I am happy to keep the focus on our town centres by working with the Council and STP to deliver further improvements".

Pictured alongside Council Officials at the Lemon Tree are Ruth Maguire MSP (Centre) and Phil Prentice of STP (far left). 


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