Communities to have their say in the design of their area.

Communities across Scotland will have the chance to map out the future of their towns with design experts.

The Scottish Government is launching two funds to allow people to have a direct role in making their towns and villages better places to live.

Funding of £300,000 is available across two grant schemes – the Design Charrettes programme and the Activating Ideas Fund.

Charrettes bring together the public, stakeholders and designers over a number of days to draw up viable proposals, while the Activating Ideas fund will support participation and empowerment initiatives in disadvantaged areas.

Minister for Local Government Kevin Stewart said:

“The quality of our places has an important influence on our lives. This Government is committed to empowering communities and involving them in the planning process.

“We have already seen really good examples of this in the few years since the charrettes programme has been running. In Maybole the Community Association and Community Council sourced additional funding to modernise and improve access to the Town Hall gardens. And in Girvan there is a successful plan for a new swimming facility which is due to open in 2017 following the closure of the local pool.

“Local communities have a wealth of knowledge about their local area. Bringing communities together with design expertise will enable ideas and proposals to be developed to deliver positive change. This initiative provides a way of enabling people across Scotland to have their say on the long- term future of their community.”

Source: Scottish Government

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