More than just window dressing…

STP Chief Officer Blog | 01/12/16

Sometimes less is more. Change comes at a pace and panic sets it.

Three or four shop closures on the high street becomes a crisis and before you blink the whole character of the street is lost.

Shop Front 1

But maybe the closures were not such a bad thing. Perhaps the uses were no longer relevant and tired. Perhaps the street itself remains characterful, it just needs a nudge in the right direction. So a strategy evolves – this street can become the funky, eat, drink, meet and socialise place in town. It’s a lot easier to fix something when you know what the end result looks like.

 Shop front 2

Start talking to your business community, look at how other places have tackled this, who are the new boys in town? Tidy the place up, build on the existing character, invest in some lighting and street furniture, green it up and make it feel loved.

If you had the choice to invest in Sid Cars or the units below, which would you choose?

Tackling shop fronts or encouraging the owners/sellers/agents to use 3D visuals is a great way to sell a proposition and set the vision for that part of town.

Shop front 3

These are quick and easy fixes but in my opinion, where they are linked to a joined up strategy, the impact can be substantial and investment can be stimulated.

And what cost? The cost of despair and decline is difficult to measure. The cost of doing a bit of well planned window dressing will be a lot less than you think.

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