Discussions have dragged on for years with the Shepherd site on the outskirts of Dunfermline and places like the Glen Bridge car park and old Dunlop factory put forward as potential locations.

Now, Mr Chapman has thrown his weight behind a move to the town centre.

“There are some key decisions which are close to being made, such as the positioning of the new Fife College,” he said. “A town centre location for the college would add some 2000 people to the town centre footfall every day of the week and what a difference that would make to the vibrancy of our high street.

“I do not want to take away anything from the achievements already made by the likes of the BIDS company or Visit Dunfermline, but it’s time to punch above our weight across the board – in the arts, heritage, entertainment, retail and nightlife.”

Describing Dunfermline as “one of the most interesting destinations in Scotland”, he stressed how important it was to capitalise on its potential.

“A heartbeat away from Scotland’s capital city and international airport, on the cusp of a potential town-altering college move,” he said. “We have all the makings of a truly great town centre. The question is are we up for it?”

SOURCE: Dunfermline Press

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