A report by Arup, published 20 June, analyses research and trends in city design to show how walking friendly cities can help create healthier and wealthier cities. The report lists 40 actions that can be taken to inform walking policy, strategy and design including instituting: car-free initiatives, pedestrian and health campaigns, local champions, open street events, developing ‘parklets’ in car parking bays, street-fairs and markets, and promoting ‘walking meetings’.

The report, Cities Alive: Towards a walking world, highlights that making places better for walking can boost footfall and trading by up to 40 per cent, and that pedestrians have been found to spend on average 65 per cent more than drivers. 

The report also states that walking can improve employee productivity, mental health and happiness, and highlights business initiatives including relocating offices to walkable central locations and promoting ‘walking meetings’.

The report highlights 50 benefits of walking explored through 16 distinct indicative themes, and lists 40 actions that can inform walking policy, strategy and design. The report draws on a catalogue of 80 international case studies that aim to inspire action, and further aid cities in identifying and evaluating opportunities.

Source: Keep Scotland Beautiful 

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