NLS - The National Library of Scotland has a vast collection of electronic resources (eResources) related to the COVID-19 pandemic and connected issues. They are available for free to all those based in Scotland.

Everyone with a residential address in Scotland has free access to these resources, which can be accessed from home, simply by registering to become a reader – a simple two minute online process. We are your National Library and it is our job to connect you to knowledge and information.

Although our eResources cover every topic and period, we are currently focussing on raising the profile of content that relates to the coronavirus pandemic and the world that we will face afterwards, teasing out journal titles on the following themes:

  • COVID-19;
  • Economics, employment and the environment;
  • Healthcare;
  • International relations;
  • Politics;
  • Society.

To guide your access to these, please see a word document summarising the themes we are focussing on, and this spreadsheet of journal titles on the three eResources that relate to the six themes. You can filter the spreadsheet by journal title, by theme, or by platform (it is currently arranged by theme). There is also a description of each journal title so you can get a sense of what it covers. This spreadsheet is a bespoke intermediary finding aid that I have put together. You will need to actually be within the eResource to access the journal itself of course, and after that the world of knowledge it opens up will be yours to explore.

The eResources that we are focussing on are: Cambridge Journals Online, Oxford Journals Online, and Sage. These three resources alone provide a tremendous amount of content to engage with.

What you need to know:

  • These resources are free, and available to anyone with a residential address in Scotland.
  • In order to get access, you need to register as a reader online.
  • Registering is easy – just click here
  • For more information about our eResources, including links to the three profiled resources, click here -

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