Scotland Food & Drink has appointed two new members to the organisation’s Board, Rachel Ross of Loch Melfort Hotel (Oban) and Keith Whyte of Mitchells (Inverurie).

Rachel brings her experience in food logistics and hospitality as well as time spent working in foodservice for Sodexo UK. As partner of family run independent retailer Mitchells, Keith has a broad range of experience and a background in agricultural management

Scotland Food & Drink Board Chair David Kilshaw commented, “I welcome the appointment of Rachel and Keith to the Board at an exciting time in our industry’s development. They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge across tourism, foodservice, agricultural production and retail with their respective backgrounds. It will be invaluable to have the contribution of an independent retailer feeding in to discussions and the link to tourism is important when we’re deepening the ever closer relationship between the food and tourism industries.” 

“The appointments come when the industry has exceeded £14bn turnover for the first time, this growth is a direct result of myriad individual success stories for businesses at home and abroad as well as the collaborative work to support the industry’s growing success. Scotland Food & Drink and its partners are working to continue this momentum and achieve the target of £16.5bn by 2017.”

“As with any industry, continual growth can’t be taken for granted. This year we are facing some challenges in export markets and in our home market competition on the high street is particularly intense."

A full list of the Scotland Food & Drink Board members is available here.

SOURCE: Scotland Food and Drink

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