The Carnegie UK Trust and Fields in Trust are today launching our new #FieldFinders campaign to find the UK?s lost playing fields. We hope that you will be able to help.

Between 1927 and 1935 the Carnegie UK Trust gave grants worth £200,000 ? the equivalent of around £10 million today ? to create nearly 900 playing fields across the UK. These grants were given to local councils and community groups and a key condition of the grants was that the newly created playing fields were to be protected in perpetuity.

However, the precise location of these playing fields was not always recorded. Now, the Carnegie UK Trust and Fields in Trust have launched a new campaign to find the missing playing fields and ensure that they remain protected for local communities to enjoy today and in the future.

Our #FieldFinders campaign page has an easy to complete online form where anyone who has any extra information about a potential Carnegie playing field in their area can share it with us. There are development prizes of £5,000 each up for grabs for these identified protected fields so do tell us all about them.

We hope that you can help Carnegie with the campaign. We ask you to:

1. Share the details of the #FieldFinders campaign with any of your colleagues, stakeholders or community networks who might wish to get involved.

2. Visit the #FieldFinders campaign page to submit any information you might have about a Carnegie field, or to correct the information we currently hold.

3. Visit the #FieldFinders campaign page and download the report of our 2014 pilot project, which identified the first 14 Carnegie playing field sites. Case study reports on each of these sites can also be downloaded. 

For more information and to join the #FieldFinders campaign, click here.

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