The Scottish Government’s new £1.7m Town Centre Communities Capital Fund is open to community  organisations and is designed to  support capital projects which will make ‘real and lasting improvements to town centres across Scotland’.

It exists to help enterprising communities to unlock more of the potential of public assets in town centres, improve amenities and first impressions of a place.

The Town Centre Toolkit lays out the guiding principles.

Scottish Government information on the funding initiative  – including the criteria which guide the award of funding is online here – along with everything necessary to prepare and make applications.

Be modest. £1.7M is pocket money when spread across Scotland’s many run down town centres.

An example is a project at Beith in Ayrshire where the Beith Trust says: ‘We work alongside local people to provide opportunities for learning, skills development and personal growth which enable people to step up as makers and shapers within their community and lives rather than simply exist as users and choosers of services designed by external consultants.’

The driver of this sort of funding is as much political as regenerative.

It is not for major projects but is designed to trickle modest amounts into as many small community pockets as possible, across Scotland.

SOURCE: Argyll News

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