Blachere Illumination are global leaders in the production and manufacturing of festive lighting. We can now offer 2 unrivalled Eco Responsible Ranges as well as an eye-catching summer range . Each project is unique to its place and our talented team of designers try to incorporate all customers visions when creating their schemes.


Protecting the planet and the oceans: not just an option - our duty. Discover our range of eco-responsible decorations Our R&D department is constantly looking for ethical materials for the design of our structures. Having been the first to make LEDs the norm, to recycle our garlands and revolutionize our illuminations thanks to BioPrint - a recyclable and biodegradable material ,and also Recyprint, a range of decorations designed from plastic bottles. 

To boost a place, you must make it unique by setting up meaningful events decorations We know that to make a place more dynamic, you must create a buzz and set up decorations making it unique. It will then draw crowds increasing footfall into the local economy. This summer, these magical whales have created excitement both on the beaches and on social networks.

Our Eco Responsible brochure will give you more information on this topic.



This year following feedback from Councils we have launched a Summer Range which allows Councils to utilise lighting for summer events and not just for Christmas. Have a look at the summer brochure for ideas of how we can help you.

If your council needs help in any way, please do not hesitate to email [email protected] 


Blachere announces partnership with WWF




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