The Place Challenge 2015 was based at Hospitalfield Arts in Arbroath and used the town as a place to test ideas. The lessons learned about shared issues, design thinking and collaborative working are applicable to towns throughout Scotland. Over 100 participants travelled from across Scotland to tackle the issues collaboratively and to explore the “how” of making town centre living a reality.

Participants worked in themed groups to explore ideas and imagine possible futures for town centre living at Strategic, High Street, Area and Building scales.

This section of the report presents the outputs of individual groupwork generated by thirteen sub-groups over the two days of event.

The briefs set for each scale are included as well as images of groupwork and prototypes generated by participants.

The ideas and learning presented in this report informed The Place Challenge 2015 Summary Report. The Summary Report includes information on the process followed by participants as well as visual summaries of key moves suggested by group work outputs.

Associated resources will follow on the learning from contributing keynote speakers and inspirational projects, and on the methods and tools.

Videos of keynote presentations and interviews are available

Source: A&DS

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