April 20, 2016 at 10:00am - 4pm

The Enterprise Mash Up

So who cares about place? Apparently we all do, but in different ways. Community group or business improvement district? It is what it’s all about. Food and drink businesses? It is you and your brand. Architect/Planner/Urbanist? Places, spaces and buildings. Young or old? It affects whether you go or stay. Police or Fire Service? Safe places are enterprising places. Entrepreneur? Vibrant.

Why attend?

Every day decisions about place are made by Governments and Councils that impact on our lives, and businesses, on our places, and they are all changing radically. So why do we tackle these issues separately? It makes no sense at all, so that's why we are mashing them up because place is too important to be left to specialists. And that’s why you should attend The Place Matters Enterprise Mash Up on 20th April at Drygate Brewery, Glasgow.

You will learn something new, meet someone new and do something new!

As Holyrood 2016 elections get underway, this is a great chance to get place on the agenda. We are bringing a range of inspiring and challenging speakers together to start the ball rolling.

On The Day

Many A Mickle Maks A Muckle

  • The Can Do Places And Spaces Story Crieff, Falkirk, Peebles - why micro makes a difference.

  • What's a Fumbally Exchange ? - why did architect George Boyle need to start one to survive in post crash Dublin ?

  • Samphire Rock Gin? Cardamom Vodka? - from to Bradford to Cornwall, with a nod to Pakistan, find out why place matters for Rubina Khan and Curio Spirits Company .

  • The Teenage Market - why? A different approach to Place.

  • The Pub, the Kirk and the School - what does a safe place mean to a policeman?

The Place Matters Enterprise Mash Up will explore all of these issues and give you your chance to have a say on Scotland’s big new conversation covering how and why #placematters in everything we do.

No sit down and listen event this. Taking part in the unique space that is Drygate - micro brewery, event space, food market, this will be a challenging fun event that's essential for community groups, entrepreneurs, businesses, architects place makers, police and fire and more...

Iain Scott from Can Do Places has designed the event to give as much time to learn something new meet someone new and have a great time.

The event will also showcase projects carried out by students from West College Scotland who have been creating artwork under the topic heading of ‘Images of Enterprise’, interpretations of what an enterprising town should look like. Be blown away with the Paisley Pagoda and how the students have combined old images of their towns with the new enterprise economy.

Additional information:

The cost for this event is £45.00.
NB: There is no VAT included in this booking as we are a not VAT registered company.

Links to event booking form and speakers:

Place Matters - An Enterprise Mash Up -  https://v1.bookwhen.com/placematters

Can Do Places Postcard about the event - http://www.candoplaces.org/place-matters-enterprise-mash-up

Drygate - http://drygate.com/

Fumbally Exchange - http://www.fumballyexchange.com 

The Teenage Market - http://theteenagemarket.co.uk/

Can Do Places - www.candoplaces.org

April 20, 2016 at 10:00am - 4pm
Drygate Brewery
Sponsored by Supporting Scotland's Towns
Sponsored By Supporting Scotland's Towns