The Scottish Government is now accepting applications for a further round of Regeneration Capital Grant Funding. The fund seeks projects that will be ready to deliver and have a start date during 2019/20. 

RCGF is delivered in partnership with COSLA and local government, supports locally developed regeneration projects that involve local communities, helping to support and create jobs and build sustainable communities.

All applications are subject to scrutiny by the independent Regeneration Capital Grant Fund Investment Panel (IP). Summary applications are submitted at stage 1 and the panel will invite successful projects to complete full applications at stage 2. The panel will then provide final recommendations to COSLA Leaders and Scottish Ministers on which projects should be funded.

First Stage applications for projects that can start in 2019/20 are now being requested and should be submitted to [email protected] by 17:00 on 29 June 2018.

The template application form, further guidance and indicative timescale can be found on the fund’s website:

Projects have the opportunity to outline the activity they plan to undertake and may request grant support over 3 financial years, however funding available is subject to the spending review. 

The focus of any grant request should remain 2019/20 and therefor the IP will carefully scrutinise any request for grant over more than one financial year. It is the intention to have further calls for new projects starting in 2020/21.

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