National Library of Scotland - To play our part in the coronavirus pandemic response, the National Library of Scotland is documenting the impact of the pandemic on Scottish business and the economy. We are doing this as part of our legislative mandate to collect, preserve, and protect documents that reflect Scotland’s heritage.

We are appealing to Scottish businesses to send us copies of the printed materials they have produced to provide the public with information about their changed business operations. For example: business reports and newsletters, posters and shop-window flyers, signs instructing customers on social distancing and hygiene measures, and leaflets.

By sending these, you will be contributing to a coronavirus collection at the National Library that will be used to help people to understand this significant point in history. We will make your materials available for use in the Library for all time so that in future, people will know the challenges posed to your business and the measures you took in response to the crisis.

We are mindful of the significant impact the pandemic is having and will continue to have on many industries we are in contact with, and we respect that your time, energy and resources are limited. It is essential that you do not risk your own or others’ health when gathering print material.

Please send any coronavirus-related print materials to us at the address below:

Acquisitions – Coronavirus Collecting

National Library of Scotland

92 Cowgate



Although not essential, it would be helpful if you could contact us to let us know what items  you have available to send. Although we’d prefer to receive printed materials, we are also open to these being sent to us electronically. Please get in touch if this would suit you better.  You can reach us at [email protected]. Sincere thanks for your contribution.

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