The Scottish Government has published a review of the community-led regeneration approach as delivered via the People and Communities Fund. You can read the report here

Executive Summary

Since its launch in 2012, the People and Communities Fund (PCF) has led the Scottish Government’s approach to community-led regeneration. Approx. £50 million of funding has been allocated to a wide range of Community Anchor Organisations to support hundreds of community-led projects. These projects provide an array of services for a variety of target groups, which include some of Scotland’s most disadvantaged and seldom heard individuals.

A distinguishing feature of the PCF is the partnership working between organisations and local residents as a means to design and deliver local projects.

An independent review involving 12 PCF funded projects was carried out by EKOS Ltd in collaboration with Avril Blamey Associates. The review utilised primary qualitative research methods and incorporated elements from a number of approaches including Realist Evaluation and Theory of Change, in order to explore the effectiveness of the PCF approach for funded organisations and the people they work with.

Source: Scottish Government

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