The Scottish Government’s 2013 Town Centre Action Plan was developed as a “stimulus to encourage and support action across the wider public, private and community sectors” with a view to addressing issues faced by Scotland’s towns. The Scottish Government, Scotland’s Towns Partnership, RTPI Scotland, Architecture + Design Scotland, PAS, SURF and others are keen to support the ambitions of the Action Plan and the revitalisation of town centres as a mechanism to tackle wider physical, social and economic challenges in urban Scotland.

The Scotland’s Most Improved Town 2015 SURF Awards category will identify, celebrate and share the positive impacts of participative planning and regeneration processes in urban settlements of all sizes across Scotland.

There will be three winning projects in this category: • Scotland’s Most Improved Small Town (population size below 5000) • Scotland’s Most Improved Medium Town (population size between 5000-20,000) • Scotland’s Most Improved Large Town (population size exceeding 20,000)

Entries will be expected to demonstrate:

ENGAGEMENT: • Effective community engagement and participation;

ENHANCED ECONOMY: • Improved economic opportunities and engagement with the private sector;

PRACTICAL ACHIEVEMENTS: • Benefits for people living in the town and using the town centre;

PUTTING THE TOWN CENTRE FIRST: • Use of proactive planning and the ‘Town Centre First’ principle, and improvement in access to public services and digital infrastructure;

PRIDE OF PLACE: • Improvement in the town’s image, identity and ‘pride of place’.

A 2015 SURF Awards application form for the Scotland’s Most Improved Town category wil be available at the following link:

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