Litter and flytipping costs Scotland at least £78 million every year. This includes costs to the taxpayer through education, enforcement and clean up, and the indirect cost of littering and flytipping – on areas like health, crime and wildlife.

To address this problem, Zero Waste Scotland, the Scottish Government’s delivery partner for the National Litter Strategy, is encouraging the adoption of Litter Prevention Action Plans (LPAP) and Community LPAPs. These plans will help businesses and communities in Scotland to reduce costs and create a safer, cleaner environment for all and deliver long-term behaviour change to prevent litter and flytipping from arising.

Participation can help businesses to boost brand recognition, demonstrate good corporate social responsibility and result in direct and indirect financial benefits, through the sharing of knowledge and expertise.

Benefits to organisations:

·        Improve image / public perception.

·        Demonstrate commitment to the community and the environment.

·        Stimulate direct and indirect financial benefits via local networking.

·        Good PR opportunity to highlight your business and its achievements.

The scheme is open to a wide range of organisations regardless of size and involvement can be tailored to specific needs, resources and reach.

If you have any questions about the scheme, would like to find out about developing your own Action Plan or more about promoting the initiative to others, please contact [email protected]

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